Azraq Castle

Azraq Castle

Azraq Castle – An Ancient Citadel of Jordan

Hidden away among the lush desert plains of Jordan lies the ancient citadel of Azraq. Dating back to the days of the Nabateans, the impressive fortress of Azraq is a must-see attraction for any traveler in the region. With its unique blend of history and culture, a visit to this ancient site promises to offer a unique insight into the region’s past.


About Azraq Castle

Azraq Castle is a large fortress located near the town of Azraq in Jordan’s Eastern Desert. Dating back to the third century BC, it was originally built by the Nabateans, a powerful trading kingdom that once extended from the Red Sea to the Arabian Gulf. The castle’s strategic location on the crossroads of major trade routes made it an ideal stronghold, and its thick walls, towers, and courtyards were designed to protect the city from attack.

In its heyday, Azraq Castle was a bustling center of commerce and trade. It was also home to a large garrison of troops and a thriving community of Bedouin tribes. The fortress later became a base of operations for the Umayyads, the first Islamic dynasty, and eventually fell into disrepair as the region’s major trade routes shifted.


What to See at Azraq Castle

Today, Azraq Castle is an impressive reminder of Jordan’s past. The castle covers an area of over 4 square kilometers and has four large towers, which were used to defend the city from attack. The walls of the castle are also covered with ancient inscriptions, carvings, and graffiti that offer insight into the city’s history.

Within the castle walls, visitors will find a number of interesting sites to explore. The castle’s main gate leads into a large central courtyard, which was once used for military parades and ceremonies. The courtyard also contains a number of ancient cisterns that were used to store water, as well as a mosque and a hammam (bath house).

The castle also has several other courtyards, as well as a large tower that was used as a look-out post. Other points of interest include a number of ancient tombs, an old well, and the remains of a Umayyad mosque.


How to Visit Azraq Castle

Azraq Castle is located in the Eastern Desert of Jordan, approximately 90 kilometers east of the capital city of Amman. The castle can be reached by car in around two hours, or visitors can take a bus from Amman.

The castle is open to the public year-round and admission is free. Visitors are encouraged to bring plenty of water, as there are no facilities or amenities at the site.

Visiting Azraq Castle is a great way to learn more about Jordan’s rich cultural history. The castle offers a unique insight into the region’s past and is a must-see destination for any traveler in the area.

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