Birishiri: Unravel the Mystery of Bangladesh’s Hidden Gem

Bangladesh is a country abundant in stunning natural landscapes and rich cultural heritage. It’s no surprise that one of the country’s best-kept secrets is Birishiri, a paradise tucked away in the picturesque Netrokona district. Boasting lush tea gardens, cascading waterfalls, and meandering rivers, Birishiri offers a serene and tranquil atmosphere that is sure to relax and rejuvenate travelers.


Exploring the Beauty of Birishiri

Birishiri is a small village located in the northwest of Netrokona district, and is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty. Its rolling hills, lush tea gardens, and pristine rivers make it the perfect destination for a peaceful getaway.

The most popular attraction in Birishiri is the Phulchari Waterfall, a thundering cascade located on the banks of the Phulchari River. The waterfall’s stunning views and peaceful atmosphere make it the perfect spot for a picnic or a leisurely stroll.

Another popular attraction in Birishiri is the famous Dolonchapa Tea Garden. This sprawling tea garden is home to some of the finest tea in the country and is a must-visit for all tea lovers. Visitors can take a stroll through the tea garden and witness the tea-making process firsthand.

Birishiri is also home to some of the most beautiful lakes in the region. The most well-known of these is the Barakhola Lake, which is a popular spot for birdwatching. The lake is also known for its stunning sunsets, which make for a perfect photo opportunity.


Things to Do in Birishiri

Birishiri is a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. The area is ideal for hiking, camping, and fishing. Visitors can also explore the area’s many tea gardens, waterfalls, and rivers.

The area is home to some of the most breathtaking views in Bangladesh, and visitors can take in the stunning landscapes from the top of the Phulchari Waterfall.

Birishiri also offers some unique experiences for visitors. For instance, visitors can take a boat ride on the Phulchari River, which is the perfect way to relax and take in the beauty of the area.

Another popular activity in Birishiri is birdwatching. The area is home to a variety of bird species, including the endangered Bengal florican. Birdwatchers can also spot rare species such as the great hornbill and the white-rumped vulture.


Getting to and Staying in Birishiri

Birishiri is easily accessible from the capital city of Dhaka. The journey takes approximately 4 hours and is best done by bus. Visitors can also take a train from Dhaka, which takes around 6 hours.

Once in Birishiri, visitors can stay in one of the many guesthouses located in the area. These guesthouses offer comfortable accommodation at very reasonable prices.



Birishiri is a hidden gem in Bangladesh and is a perfect destination for those who are looking for a peaceful getaway. Its lush tea gardens, cascading waterfalls, and meandering rivers make it an ideal spot for outdoor adventurers and nature lovers alike. With its abundance of natural beauty, Birishiri is sure to offer visitors a truly memorable experience.

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