Bokor Hill Station

Bokor Hill Station

Bokor Hill Station – An Eerily Enchanting Getaway in Cambodia

Hidden in the lush jungles of Cambodia is a unique and breathtakingly beautiful destination – Bokor Hill Station. The former French colonial resort, which was abandoned in the early 1970s and left to the mercy of the elements, is now a captivatingly eerie tourist site that draws in thousands of visitors each year.


Bokor Hill Station – An Overview

Bokor Hill Station, which is also known as Kampong Bokor, is a former colonial resort that is situated around 1000 metres above sea level in the Cambodian province of Kampot. Built by the French in the 1920s as a hill station and vacation spot, the area was once a bustling and vibrant tourist destination.

However, following the Vietnam War, the area was abandoned and left to the mercy of the elements. Today, the site is a tourist attraction with many visitors drawn to its eerily enchanting atmosphere. The site’s attractions include a hotel, casino, church, and even an old police station – all of which have been left to the mercy of the elements.


What to See at Bokor Hill Station

Despite being a former tourist destination, Bokor Hill Station is now an abandoned site that has been taken over by nature. Whilst the area is now largely overgrown with foliage, the site still retains its former charm and character.

The most popular attraction at Bokor Hill Station is the old Catholic church, which has stood the test of time and is now a popular spot for visitors to explore. Other attractions include the old casino, which can still be explored, and the old police station, which is a fascinating reminder of the area’s past.

The area is also home to a variety of wildlife, including macaques, civets, and hornbills. Visitors will also be able to spot a variety of native birds, such as the endangered giant ibis.


What Else is There to Do at Bokor Hill Station?

Aside from exploring the fascinating ruins of the former resort, there are a variety of activities that visitors can enjoy at Bokor Hill Station.

One of the most popular activities is trekking, with visitors able to explore the area’s forests and mountain trails on foot. The area is also home to a variety of wildlife, meaning that nature lovers will be able to spot a variety of native species.

For those who wish to learn more about the area’s history, there are a variety of cultural tours and activities available. Visitors will be able to explore the area’s old French colonial buildings, as well as learn more about the area’s rich cultural heritage.


How to Get to Bokor Hill Station

Getting to Bokor Hill Station is relatively straightforward, with the area being easily accessible from the nearby city of Kampot. The area can be reached by car or bus, with the journey taking around two hours.

The area can also be reached by taking the Bokor Express, a train service that takes passengers from Phnom Penh to Kampot. The journey takes around five hours and is a great option for those looking for a more scenic journey.



Bokor Hill Station is an eerily enchanting destination that is sure to captivate the imagination of visitors. From exploring the area’s abandoned buildings to trekking through the lush jungles, there is something for everyone at this unique and fascinating destination.

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