Bolaven Plateau

Bolaven Plateau

Bolaven Plateau: Exploring Laos’ Most Spectacular Landscape

Nestled in the southern region of Laos, the Bolaven Plateau is a breathtaking landscape that is sure to captivate any traveler. From lush greenery to towering waterfalls, this area is a must-visit for any nature lover. Here, we’ll explore why the Bolaven Plateau is a must-visit destination and what travelers can expect when they visit.


What Is Bolaven Plateau?

The Bolaven Plateau is a large, elevated area located in the southern part of Laos. The plateau is approximately 2,800 feet (853 meters) above sea level and covers an area of about 1,900 square miles (4,900 square kilometers). The plateau is comprised of several different ethnic groups, including the Alak, Katu, Ta-Oi, and Laven.

The Bolaven Plateau is home to some of the most spectacular scenery in Laos. The lush greenery and rolling hills are perfect for trekking. The area is also home to several stunning waterfalls, including Tad Fane, Tad Lo, and Tad Yai. The Bolaven Plateau is also known for its abundant coffee plantations and is one of the world’s top producers of high-quality Arabica coffee.


What to Do in the Bolaven Plateau

The Bolaven Plateau is an ideal destination for adventure seekers. Here, you can find some of the best trekking and hiking in the country. There are several trails that take you through the dense jungle and breathtaking waterfalls. You can also explore the local villages and get a glimpse of the traditional Lao lifestyle.

The Bolaven Plateau is also home to several stunning waterfalls. The most popular are Tad Fane, Tad Lo, and Tad Yai. These waterfalls are perfect for swimming and provide a great place to cool off after a day of trekking.

If you’re a coffee enthusiast, you won’t want to miss the coffee plantations in the Bolaven Plateau. The region is home to some of the world’s best Arabica coffee, and you can take a tour of a local plantation to learn more about the process.

Lastly, the Bolaven Plateau also has plenty of cultural attractions. You can visit the local villages and see traditional Lao homes, or explore the many temples and shrines in the area.


When to Visit the Bolaven Plateau

The best time to visit the Bolaven Plateau is during the dry season, which runs from November through April. During this period, the weather is relatively dry and mild, perfect for trekking and exploring the area.


How to Get to the Bolaven Plateau

The easiest way to get to the Bolaven Plateau is to fly into Pakse Airport in Laos. From there, you can take a bus, car, or motorbike to the plateau. The journey takes about three hours, depending on the route you take.



The Bolaven Plateau is an adventure seeker’s paradise, offering stunning scenery and plenty of activities to explore. From trekking and hiking through the jungle to swimming beneath the stunning waterfalls, the Bolaven Plateau has something for everyone. If you’re looking for an unforgettable experience in Laos, the Bolaven Plateau should be at the top of your list.

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