Dhow Yard

Dhow Yard

Welcome to Dhow Yard – Home to the Best Traditional Boats of Dubai

Dubai is a city that has been rapidly evolving for the past few decades. It has gone from a humble fishing village to one of the most modern and luxurious cities in the world. But, tucked away amidst the modern towers and looming buildings is a small part of the city that still preserves its traditional roots. This is Dhow Yard, the place where Dubai’s iconic ‘dhows’ are made and maintained.


What is a Dhow?

Dhows are traditional sailing boats, which have been used in the Persian Gulf for centuries. Typically, these boats are made of wood and have a pointed bow and stern. The hull is usually painted in bright colors, and the boats typically feature intricate carvings. Dhows are a popular way of travelling between the various islands and destinations in the region.


Where is the Dhow Yard?

The Dhow Yard is located in Bur Dubai, on the banks of the Dubai Creek. It is a bustling area that is home to some of the oldest and most experienced boat builders in the city. Here, the traditional art of dhow making is kept alive.


Why Visit the Dhow Yard?

Dhow Yard is a great place to explore the traditional boat-building culture of Dubai. Visitors can get a glimpse of the old ways of boat-building and maintenance, and also admire the beautiful dhows that are crafted here. It is a great place to take a leisurely walk and admire the craftsmanship of the boat builders.


What Can You See at the Dhow Yard?

At the Dhow Yard, you can see everything from traditional wooden boats to modern fiberglass craft. The boat builders here craft dhows of all sizes, from small fishing boats to large vessels meant to transport cargo and passengers. Visitors can also see the boat builders at work, as they carve and shape the wood into intricate designs.

In addition to the dhows, visitors can also see the various tools and equipment used by the boat builders. There are also plenty of wooden planks and pieces of wood lying around, waiting to be crafted into dhows.


What Else Can You Do at the Dhow Yard?

Apart from admiring the craftsmanship of the boat builders, there are several other activities that visitors can undertake at the Dhow Yard. These include taking a leisurely boat ride along the Dubai Creek, trying out traditional Emirati food at the nearby restaurants, and shopping for souvenirs.



Dhow Yard is a great place to explore the traditional boat-building culture of Dubai. Here, visitors can admire the craftsmanship of the boat builders and experience the unique culture of the city. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely boat ride or a chance to shop for souvenirs, Dhow Yard is the perfect place to visit.

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