Great Zimbabwe Ruins

Great Zimbabwe Ruins

Great Zimbabwe Ruins – An Unforgettable Historical Experience

The Great Zimbabwe Ruins are an iconic site in Southern Africa and a must-see for any traveler. Located in the heart of Zimbabwe, the ruins are an archaeological site that tell the story of an ancient civilization. The ruins are the largest ancient stone structure in sub-Saharan Africa and are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


What to Expect When Visiting the Great Zimbabwe Ruins

The ruins cover an area of 1,800 hectares and are home to three distinct stone structures. The most famous is the Great Enclosure, which is the largest and most impressive of the three sites. It is surrounded by an impressive stone wall that is over five meters high in some places and contains a number of impressive gateways. Other sites include the Hill Complex and the Valley Complex.

The ruins are believed to have been built between the 11th and 15th centuries and were once the home of a powerful African kingdom. They are a testament to the sophistication and skill of the ancient civilization and provide a fascinating look into the past.


What to Do and See When Visiting the Great Zimbabwe Ruins

The ruins are open to visitors and there are a number of activities and sights to see. Visitors can explore the ruins and take in the impressive stone walls and gateways. They can also learn more about the history of the site through guided tours.

The ruins also provide the perfect backdrop for photography. Visitors can capture stunning shots of the impressive stone structures and admire the beauty of the surrounding landscape.

The ruins are also home to a variety of wildlife, including zebra, wildebeest, and warthogs. Visitors can take a guided game drive to spot some of the animals and birds in their natural habitat.


Tips for Visiting the Great Zimbabwe Ruins

The ruins are open to visitors from 8am to 5pm daily, but it is best to arrive early in order to avoid the crowds. The site can become quite hot during the day, so it is advisable to bring sunglasses and sunscreen.

It is also advisable to bring a hat and comfortable shoes as the terrain can be uneven in some places. Visitors should also bring enough water to stay hydrated as there are no shops or vendors at the site.


How to Get to the Great Zimbabwe Ruins

The ruins are located in the Masvingo Province of Zimbabwe and are easily accessible by car. There are also buses that run from Harare and Bulawayo to Masvingo, which is the nearest town. From there, visitors can take a taxi to the ruins.



The Great Zimbabwe Ruins are a must-see for any traveler to Zimbabwe. The ruins are an impressive and well-preserved testament to an ancient African civilization and provide visitors with a fascinating insight into the past. Visitors can explore the ruins, learn more about their history, and admire the stunning stone structures. With its wildlife, guided tours, and breathtaking views, the Great Zimbabwe Ruins provide an unforgettable experience.

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