Kitengela Glass

Kitengela Glass

Kitengela Glass: An Up-Close Look at the Unique Kenyan Art Form

Nestled in the small town of Kitengela, Kenya, lies a unique art form known as Kitengela glass. This inventive art combines recycled glass and colorful beads to create beautiful sculptures, jewelry, and decorative items that are both vibrant and full of symbolism. From jewelry and mirrors to wall hangings and sculptures, Kitengela glass provides a wonderful way to bring a piece of Kenyan culture into any home.


What Is Kitengela Glass?

Kitengela glass is a popular art form that originated in the Kenyan town of Kitengela. It is unique because it combines discarded glass and pieces of colorful beads to create stunning and vibrant sculptures, jewelry, and decorative items. While some of the pieces are painted, most are made using the traditional pieces of glass and beads, giving each piece a unique and beautiful texture.

The art of Kitengela glass has been around for decades and is still practiced today by the local artists. In addition to the traditional pieces of glass and beads, other materials such as antlers, bones, and wood are used to create more intricate pieces. Each item is carefully crafted and no two pieces are the same.


What Does Kitengela Glass Symbolize?

Kitengela glass has a special significance in the Kenyan community. The glass and beads used to create the pieces are often recycled materials, signifying the importance of reusing and recycling in the Kenyan culture. In addition, the vibrant colors of the beads and glass represent the beauty of the Kenyan landscape, while the intricate designs and patterns are a representation of the culture and heritage.

The craftsmanship of Kitengela glass is also highly regarded in the Kenyan community. The artists who create the pieces are highly skilled and use their creativity to create unique and intricate designs. The pieces are often gifted as a token of appreciation or friendship, and are seen as a symbol of good luck and fortune.


Where to Find Kitengela Glass

Many of the pieces of Kitengela glass are sold in local markets and online. The pieces range in price, depending on the size and complexity of the design. There are many shops in Kitengela that specialize in selling the pieces, as well as other markets and online stores.

When shopping for Kitengela glass, it is important to remember that each piece is unique and handcrafted. It is important to find a reputable dealer and to inspect each piece carefully before purchasing.



Kitengela glass is a unique and vibrant art form that has been around for decades. From jewelry and mirrors to wall hangings and sculptures, the pieces are full of symbolism and represent the beauty of the Kenyan landscape. Kitengela glass can be found in local markets and online, and makes a wonderful addition to any home.

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