Kumsusan Palace of the Sun

Kumsusan Palace Of The Sun

Kumsusan Palace of the Sun: An Uplifting Historical Landmark in Pyongyang

Kumsusan Palace of the Sun is a majestic memorial palace located in the heart of the North Korean capital of Pyongyang. It is the final resting place of the country’s former leader, Kim Il-sung, and is one of the most revered and respected historical landmarks in the country.


The History of Kumsusan Palace of the Sun

Kumsusan Palace of the Sun was originally constructed in 1976 as a presidential residence. However, it underwent major renovations after the death of Kim Il-sung in 1994, and was eventually opened to the public as the Kumsusan Memorial Palace in 1997. The palace is dedicated to the memory of Kim Il-sung, and serves as a major symbol of the nation’s reverence for its former leader.


Visiting the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun

The palace is open to visitors from Tuesday to Sunday, though visitors must adhere to a strict dress code and leave all cameras and other electronic devices at the entrance. Visitors are then taken on a guided tour of the palace, which includes the mausoleum of Kim Il-sung, the gallery of his life, and other buildings where visitors can learn more about the life and legacy of the former leader.


The Highlights of Kumsusan Palace of the Sun

Kumsusan Palace of the Sun is home to a range of awe-inspiring attractions, making it a must-visit destination for tourists. Some of the highlights include:

  • The Mausoleum of Kim Il-sung – The mausoleum is the most sacred area of the palace, and is home to the embalmed body of the former leader. Visitors can observe the mausoleum from a distance, and take part in a solemn ceremony to pay respect to Kim Il-sung.
  • The Gallery of Kim Il-sung’s Life – The gallery is a large exhibition hall where visitors can learn more about the life of Kim Il-sung, from his early childhood to his death. The gallery includes a range of artifacts, photographs, and documents, as well as a large model of the former leader’s train.
  • The Grand Monument – The Grand Monument is located in the central courtyard of the palace, and consists of a large bronze statue of Kim Il-sung flanked by two granite sculptures. The monument is surrounded by a number of flags representing the different branches of the Korean armed forces, and is a powerful symbol of the nation’s respect for its former leader.
  • The Korean War Museum – The Korean War Museum is located in the basement of the palace, and is dedicated to the history of the Korean War. The museum includes a range of artifacts and photographs from the war, as well as information on the different battles and events that took place during the conflict.

The Kumsusan Palace of the Sun is a remarkable historical landmark that offers visitors a unique insight into the history and culture of North Korea. With its rich history and impressive attractions, the palace is sure to leave visitors with a lasting impression of the country.

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