Mt. Amuyao

Mt. Amuyao

The Highest Peak of North Luzon: Exploring Mt. Amuyao

Mt. Amuyao is an impressive mountain located in the province of Ifugao, in the Cordillera Administrative Region in the Philippines. This mountain is the highest peak in Northern Luzon, rising up to an altitude of 2,702 meters (8,867 feet). Its stunning views and challenging trails make it a popular destination for hikers and mountaineers.


Exploring the Majestic Mt. Amuyao

If you’re an avid hiker or mountaineer, Mt. Amuyao is the perfect destination for you. It offers a variety of challenging trails, including the summit trail and the traverse trail. The summit trail is the most popular route and is the easier of the two options. It takes around four to five hours to reach the summit and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape.

The traverse trail is the more difficult option and takes around eight to nine hours to complete. It’s a more technical route and requires a high level of fitness and endurance. But the views along the way are worth every second of the trek.


What to Expect on the Trail

The trail to Mt. Amuyao is full of breathtaking views, lush greenery, and plenty of wildlife. The trail is surrounded by pine trees and other types of vegetation, and you can also spot various birds and mammals along the way. During the rainy season, you can expect to see plenty of waterfalls and streams.

The summit of Mt. Amuyao is an incredible sight. On a clear day, you can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding landscape and even spot nearby mountain ranges like Mt. Pulag and Mt. Dulang-dulang.


Tips for a Successful Hike

Mt. Amuyao is a challenging hike, so it’s important to be prepared before you head out. Here are a few tips for a successful hike:

  • Start early: It’s best to start your hike as early as possible to avoid the heat of the day and to beat the crowds.
  • Bring plenty of water: Bring at least two liters of water with you, as the trail can be quite strenuous.
  • Bring the right gear: Wear the right hiking gear and clothes appropriate for the weather. Make sure to bring a hat, sunscreen, and insect repellent as well.
  • Bring a map: You should also bring a map of the area to help you find your way.
  • Hire a guide: If you’re a beginner or don’t have much experience, it’s best to hire a local guide to show you the way.
  • Respect the environment: Be sure to follow Leave No Trace principles and help keep the mountain clean.


The Best Time to Visit Mt. Amuyao

The best time to visit Mt. Amuyao is during the dry season, between the months of November and March. This is when the trails are at their best and the weather is more pleasant.



Mt. Amuyao is an incredible destination for hikers and mountaineers. It’s the highest peak in Northern Luzon and offers stunning views and challenging trails. Be sure to follow the tips above and plan your hike during the dry season for the best experience. With its unique beauty and diverse wildlife, Mt. Amuyao is an unforgettable destination.

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