Mt. Kanlaon

Mt. Kanlaon

Mt. Kanlaon: The Highest Active Volcano in the Philippines

Mt. Kanlaon, located on the Philippine island of Negros, is the highest active volcano in the country and one of the most impressive sights in the Visayan region. With its peak reaching 2435 meters (7,976ft) above sea level, Mt. Kanlaon has long been a favorite destination for hikers and adventurers. From its summit, travelers can experience stunning views of the surrounding landscapes and the neighboring islands.


A Brief History of Mt. Kanlaon

Mt. Kanlaon has a rich history that dates back to before the arrival of Spanish settlers in the Philippines. The mountain has been the site of numerous eruptions over the centuries, with the most recent one taking place in 1996. It is also an important part of the culture and folklore of the region, with many local legends and stories associated with it.


What to Know Before Climbing Mt. Kanlaon

When it comes to climbing Mt. Kanlaon, there are a few things that all hikers should keep in mind. Firstly, the mountain is an active volcano and, as such, it can be dangerous to climb without the proper equipment and knowledge. That’s why it’s best to hire a local guide for the journey.

The hike itself is quite challenging, with an elevation gain of around 1,000 meters (3,280ft). It is recommended that hikers set aside at least two days for the trek, as the journey is quite lengthy and can take up to 12 hours. Additionally, hikers should come prepared for the weather, as it can be quite unpredictable in the mountains.


A Hike Worth Taking

Despite the challenges that accompany it, a hike up Mt. Kanlaon is well worth the effort. From its peak, travelers can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and the nearby islands. The trail also passes through some of the most beautiful and untouched forests in the Philippines, making it a great opportunity to spot some of the region’s unique wildlife.


What to Do and See Around Mt. Kanlaon

If you’re looking for something to do after the trek, there are plenty of attractions around Mt. Kanlaon. Head to the nearby city of La Carlota to explore its colonial architecture, or take a dip in the hot springs of Mambukal Resort. For a real adventure, you can also go on a spelunking trip in the nearby caves.



Mt. Kanlaon is an amazing destination for any traveler looking to explore the Visayan region of the Philippines. The hike up the mountain is challenging, but the journey is well worth it for the stunning views and the chance to experience some of the region’s unique culture and wildlife. If you’re looking for a truly unforgettable adventure, then Mt. Kanlaon is the perfect destination.

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