National Theatre

National Theatre

Welcome to National Theatre: The Home of Spectacular Productions

Are you looking for a truly spectacular theatre experience? Look no further than National Theatre, located in the heart of London. As one of the most iconic theatres in the world, National Theatre is the premiere destination for theatre lovers of all ages. With a rich history of producing some of the most acclaimed performances of all time, National Theatre has been entertaining audiences for over four decades.


History of National Theatre

The National Theatre was established in 1976 by the British government, with the intention of creating a national theatre company that could produce world-class theatre for the public. Since then, the National Theatre has become a staple of British culture, with some of the best theatrical productions in the world taking place at its various venues.

The National Theatre is home to three venues – the Olivier Theatre, Lyttelton Theatre, and Dorfman Theatre – each of which has its own unique atmosphere and style. The Olivier Theatre is the largest of the three, and is home to some of the most renowned productions in the world. The Lyttelton Theatre is renowned for its innovative theatrical productions, while the Dorfman Theatre is the perfect venue for smaller, intimate performances.


What to Expect at National Theatre

The National Theatre is world-renowned for its productions, and visitors can expect to see some of the best theatre in the world. From world-famous plays to classic musicals, the National Theatre has something for everyone. The theatre’s repertoire includes well-known titles such as ‘Les Misérables’, ‘The Phantom of the Opera’, ‘The Lion King’, and ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’.

The National Theatre is also home to some of the most prestigious theatre awards in the world, including the Olivier Award for Best New Play and the Evening Standard Theatre Award. These awards recognize the best performances and playwrights of the year, making National Theatre the ideal destination for theatre aficionados.


How to Visit National Theatre

The best way to experience National Theatre is to attend a performance. Tickets can be purchased online or via the box office, and visitors can also purchase gift vouchers for friends and family.

If you’re unable to attend a performance, you can still experience the theatre by taking a guided tour of the theatre. The tours are available daily from 10am–6pm and include a look at the theatre’s costumes, set designs, and the technical workings of the theatre.

The National Theatre also hosts a variety of educational workshops throughout the year which are open to students, teachers, and theatre enthusiasts alike. These workshops offer a unique insight into the world of theatre, and give visitors the chance to learn from some of the best theatre professionals in the world.



When it comes to theatre, National Theatre is second to none. From world-famous productions to educational workshops, the theatre has something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a night out at the theatre, a guided tour of the building, or an educational workshop, National Theatre is the ideal destination for theatre lovers of all ages.

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