Palacio Legislativo

Palacio Legislativo

Palacio Legislativo – A Tourist’s Guide to Uruguay’s Historic Legislative Palace

Palacio Legislativo is one of Uruguay’s most iconic landmarks. Located in the heart of Montevideo, the Legislative Palace or “Palacio Legislativo” as it is known in Spanish, has been a symbol of the country’s democracy since its construction in 1925. Home to the Uruguayan Parliament, this building is a great place to visit for anyone interested in the history of Uruguay and its political system.


A Brief History of Palacio Legislativo

The construction of Palacio Legislativo began in 1917, under the direction of Italian architect Mario Palanti. The building was completed in 1925 and officially opened in the same year. It is one of the most important examples of Art Deco architecture in South America.

The building was designed for an important purpose – to house the Uruguayan Parliament, which had been meeting in the nearby Cabildo since 1830. After the opening of the Legislative Palace, the Cabildo was restored and now serves as a museum.


What to See at Palacio Legislativo

Palacio Legislativo is a stunning building, both inside and out. On the outside, it features a beautiful façade made of marble and granite, with statues of important historical figures adorning the entrance. Inside, the building is just as impressive, with its grand staircase, ornate frescoes, and stained glass windows.

The palace also houses several important artworks, including a painting of former president José Batlle y Ordóñez, who was instrumental in the construction of the building.


Tours of Palacio Legislativo

Visitors to Palacio Legislativo who wish to explore the building in more detail can take part in a guided tour, which is organized by the Montevideo municipality. During the tour, visitors will learn about the history of the building and the Uruguayan political system, as well as get to see some of the building’s most impressive features.

The tours are held in Spanish, but English-speaking visitors can request an English-speaking guide. Tour prices depend on the day and the number of people in the group.


Where to Stay Near Palacio Legislativo

Palacio Legislativo is located in the center of Montevideo, making it easy to find accommodation nearby. There are a variety of hotels and hostels in the area, offering a range of amenities and prices.

Visitors who would like to be close to the palace can stay at the Palacio Legislativo Hotel, which is located just a few blocks away. This hotel offers modern amenities and a great location, making it the perfect place to stay for anyone visiting Uruguay’s Legislative Palace.



Palacio Legislativo is one of Uruguay’s most iconic landmarks and a must-visit for anyone interested in the country’s political system. With its stunning architecture, rich history, and guided tours, the Legislative Palace is a great place to explore and learn about Uruguay’s past and present.

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