The Bandama River

The Bandama River

The Majestic Bandama River: A Journey of Natural Beauty

The Bandama River is located in the west-central region of the African country of Ivory Coast. With its lush forests and stunning scenery, locals and tourists alike have been drawn to this destination for generations. Taking a river cruise down the Bandama is an experience that is not to be missed.


The History of the Bandama River

The Bandama River has a long and fascinating history. It was first discovered by Europeans in the late 17th century, and the region has been a popular destination ever since. The river was used as a trading route by early settlers, and it eventually became an important part of Ivory Coast’s economy.

For centuries, the Bandama River has been a source of life for the local communities. It provided sustenance for the people of the region, and it has been an important part of their culture. Even today, the river is still home to many species of fish and other wildlife.


Exploring the Bandama River

The best way to experience the beauty of the Bandama River is by taking a river cruise. There are many companies that offer these tours, and they usually last for several hours. The cruises usually start in the small village of Tiassale, and they take you down the river, past a number of stunning views.

During the cruise, you will also get the chance to explore some of the local villages and towns along the way. Here, you will be able to observe how the locals live and get a better understanding of the culture and history of the region.


What You Will See on the Bandama River

The Bandama River is home to a wide variety of wildlife, and you can expect to see plenty of birds, insects, and other animals. You may even spot some crocodiles or hippos as you make your way down the river. The scenery is also stunning, as the river meanders through the lush forests and picturesque villages.

The Bandama River is also home to some incredible historical sites. Tiassale, the starting point of the river cruise, is home to a number of ancient archaeological sites. Here, you will be able to explore the ruins of old villages and even some ancient tombs.



The Bandama River is an incredible destination that holds a special place in the hearts of the locals and visitors alike. Taking a river cruise down the Bandama is the perfect way to experience the beauty of the region and get a better understanding of its culture and history. Whether you are looking for an exciting adventure or just want to marvel at the stunning scenery, the Bandama River is a destination that should not be missed.

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