The National Gallery Singapore

The National Gallery Singapore


The National Gallery Singapore is a magnificent art gallery located at the heart of Singapore. It is the largest visual arts institution in Singapore and is home to the world’s largest public collection of Singaporean and Southeast Asian art. The Gallery is dedicated to showcasing the diversity and richness of Singapore’s art culture and history, with an impressive collection of over 8,000 artworks spanning the 19th century to present day.

The National Gallery Singapore offers visitors a unique and immersive experience. From educational programs and interactive activities to exhibitions and live performances, the Gallery has something for everyone. Whether you’re a first-time visitor, a seasoned art enthusiast, or simply looking for a day out with the family, the National Gallery Singapore has something for you.



The National Gallery Singapore was established in 2015, and is the result of a partnership between the Singapore Government and the private sector. It is the first museum in Southeast Asia to unite the national collections of two countries – Singapore and Malaysia. The Gallery is housed in two of Singapore’s most iconic buildings, the former Supreme Court and City Hall.

The Gallery’s mission is to promote the appreciation of Singapore’s art and culture, through the preservation and display of its national collection. It also aims to foster a vibrant and engaged art community in Singapore through its exhibitions, educational programmes, and events.


Exhibitions and Collections

The National Gallery Singapore has two main exhibition spaces – the City Hall and Supreme Court galleries – which feature a range of temporary and permanent exhibitions. The Gallery’s key exhibition, ‘Singapore, Southeast Asia and the World’, explores the culture and history of Singapore, and its place in the region and the world.

The Gallery also has a permanent collection of over 8,000 artworks that span the 19th century to present day. The collection includes works by renowned artists such as Raden Saleh, Cheong Soo Pieng, and Chua Ek Kay. The Gallery also has a library and research centre which houses a range of books, magazines, and archival materials related to Singapore and Southeast Asian art.


Educational Programs

The National Gallery Singapore offers a range of educational programs for children and adults alike. These include guided tours, workshops, and lectures. The Gallery also has an array of interactive activities such as art-making sessions and hands-on activities.

The Gallery also has a range of digital resources, including videos, articles, and online activities, which provide an engaging and enriching learning experience for both local and international visitors.



The National Gallery Singapore regularly hosts a range of events, such as film screenings, concerts, and performances. These events are designed to bring the Gallery’s collections to life and provide visitors with an insight into Singapore’s art and culture.

The Gallery also has a café and restaurant, which offer a range of international dishes, as well as a range of retail outlets which offer souvenirs and art-related merchandise.



The National Gallery Singapore is a must-visit destination for anyone who is interested in art and culture. With its impressive collection of artworks, educational programs, and events, it is a great place to explore Singapore’s art and culture. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned art enthusiast, the National Gallery Singapore has something for everyone.

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