Ulu Temburong National Park

Ulu Temburong National Park

Ulu Temburong National Park: An Unforgettable Adventure in Brunei

Ulu Temburong National Park, located in Brunei, is a paradise for nature lovers and adventure seekers alike. Also known as the “Green Jewel of Brunei”, this lush rainforest park offers a unique opportunity to explore the stunning natural beauty of this small, yet diverse, Southeast Asian country. From the abundance of wildlife to spectacular waterfalls and mesmerizing views of the surrounding hills and jungle, Ulu Temburong National Park has something for everyone.

For the adventurous traveler, Ulu Temburong National Park offers a variety of activities to explore, from jungle trekking to river rafting, and from kayaking to canopy walks. With its vast expanse of primary rainforest, this park is a haven for nature lovers, offering an unparalleled opportunity to observe the abundant wildlife and lush vegetation.


What to See and Do in Ulu Temburong National Park

Ulu Temburong National Park is the perfect destination for anyone looking to experience the beauty of Brunei’s rainforest. Here, you can explore the stunning natural environment, observe the abundant wildlife, and take part in thrilling activities and adventures.


Canopy Walk

One of the most popular activities in the park is the canopy walk, a suspended bridge that allows visitors to experience the forest from a unique perspective. The canopy walk is an incredible way to view the lush rainforest from above, as it offers stunning views of the surrounding jungle and hills.


Jungle Trekking

Jungle trekking is another popular activity in Ulu Temburong National Park. Here, you can explore the dense rainforest and discover some of its hidden treasures. With trails of varying difficulty levels, you can find a trekking route that suits your experience level and preferences.


River Rafting

For those looking for more of an adrenaline rush, Ulu Temburong National Park offers river rafting, a thrilling activity that will take you on a thrilling ride down the rapids. With experienced guides to lead you, river rafting is a great way to explore the park’s stunning rivers and waterfalls.


Wildlife Viewing

Ulu Temburong National Park is home to an abundance of wildlife, including macaques, hornbills, and gibbons. With the help of experienced guides, you can observe these animals in their natural habitat.


Where to Stay in Ulu Temburong National Park

If you are planning a trip to Ulu Temburong National Park, there are a few options for accommodation. The most popular option is to stay in a local lodge, which offers comfortable rooms and amenities, as well as the opportunity to explore the park’s trails and rivers. Alternatively, there are camping sites located in the park, providing an authentic experience for those looking for a more rustic adventure.



Ulu Temburong National Park is a stunning destination in Brunei and an unforgettable adventure for nature lovers and thrill seekers alike. From canopy walks and jungle trekking to wildlife viewing and river rafting, this park offers a variety of activities for all experience levels. With its abundant wildlife and lush rainforest, Ulu Temburong National Park is sure to leave you with an unforgettable experience.

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