Welcome to Wiltshire – England’s quintessential county full of ancient sites, vibrant cities, and picturesque countryside. From exploring the prehistoric Wiltshire Downs to visiting the world-famous Stonehenge, this diverse and fascinating area has something for everyone. Situated in the south-west of England, Wiltshire is a great destination for a weekend away or a longer stay. In this article, we take an in-depth look at what Wiltshire has to offer and why it’s worth a visit.



Wiltshire’s history is as rich and diverse as its landscape. The county has seen many great civilisations settle in its land, from the Celts to the Romans and Saxons. In the Middle Ages, Wiltshire was part of the historic kingdom of Wessex and was even the birthplace of King Alfred the Great.

Today, the county is home to many of the UK’s most famous historical sites, including Stonehenge, the mysterious standing stones near Amesbury and Old Sarum, the ancient hillfort near Salisbury. The county is also home to numerous Neolithic sites, including Avebury Stone Circle, West Kennet Long Barrow, and the White Horse of Uffington.


Things to Do

Wiltshire is a great place for a holiday or weekend break. From exploring the county’s stunning countryside to discovering its vibrant towns and cities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

If you’re looking for a more active holiday, Wiltshire has plenty of activities to keep you entertained. From horse-riding in the Wiltshire Downs to cycling and walking along the famous Kennet and Avon Canal, there are plenty of ways to get active in the great outdoors.

For those interested in culture and history, Wiltshire has a wealth of attractions to explore. Take a tour of the iconic Stonehenge, or visit one of the county’s many beautiful cathedrals and churches. You can also explore the beautiful cities of Salisbury and Bath, which are both full of culture and history.

Wiltshire is also home to some fantastic museums, including the Wiltshire Museum in Devizes, the Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum, and the Red House Museum in Amesbury.


Food and Drink

Wiltshire is a great place for foodies, with its delicious local produce and unique restaurants. The county is particularly well-known for its cheeses, including Wiltshire Cheddar and the famous Stilton. You can also find a range of locally-produced beers, wines, and spirits.

The county is also home to a wide range of eateries, from cosy pubs to fine-dining restaurants. You can find traditional British dishes, as well as cuisine from around the world.



Wiltshire is full of great places to shop, from independent boutiques to big high street names. The towns of Salisbury and Devizes are both great places to find unique gifts and souvenirs, while the city of Bath is a great destination for a spot of retail therapy.

If you’re looking for a bargain, you can find great deals at the many flea markets and car boot sales held throughout the county.



Wiltshire is a great destination for a holiday or weekend break. From exploring its stunning countryside to discovering its ancient sites and vibrant cities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this quintessential English county. Whether you’re interested in history, outdoor activities, or simply indulging in delicious local cuisine, Wiltshire has it all. With its rich history, diverse landscapes, and charming towns, Wiltshire offers a unique and memorable experience for visitors. So why not plan your next getaway to Wiltshire and explore all that this beautiful county has to offer?

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