Przemysl Old Town

Przemysl Old Town

Przemysl Old Town – A Timeless Haven of History and Culture

Przemysl Old Town is a historic part of the city of Przemysl, located in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship of southeastern Poland. This picturesque old town dates back to the 16th century and is home to a number of historical monuments, churches, and other attractions that make it one of the most visited destinations in the area.

Przemysl Old Town is a small but vibrant part of the city that is full of life. The cobblestone streets are lined with colorful buildings, and the main square is a popular gathering spot for locals and tourists alike. The town is also home to a number of restaurants, cafes, and bars, making it a great place to spend an evening.


Things to Do in Przemysl Old Town

Przemysl Old Town is the perfect place to explore the history and culture of the city. Here are some of the top attractions and activities to do in the area:

  • Visit the Old Town Hall – The Old Town Hall is the centerpiece of Przemysl Old Town and the oldest building in the city. The building is home to the local government and is open for visitors to explore.
  • Explore the Churches – Przemysl Old Town has a number of churches, including the Church of St. Mary Magdalene and the Church of St. John the Baptist. Both churches are open to visitors and offer a glimpse into the city’s religious past.
  • Enjoy the Local Cuisine – Przemysl Old Town is home to a number of traditional restaurants and cafes. Here you can sample some of the local cuisine, including pierogi, a traditional dumpling dish.
  • Check Out the Museums – Przemysl Old Town is home to a number of museums, including the Przemysl Museum of History, the Museum of Folk Culture, and the National Museum.
  • Take a Walk Through the Park – Przemysl Old Town is surrounded by a large park that is perfect for a leisurely stroll. Here you can enjoy some of the city’s natural beauty, as well as local wildlife.


Shopping in Przemysl Old Town

Przemysl Old Town is full of shopping opportunities, from traditional markets to modern malls. Here are some of the best places to shop in the area:

  • The Old Town Market – The Old Town Market is a great place to find traditional crafts and souvenirs. The market is open every day and has a variety of vendors selling everything from handmade jewelry to locally-made clothing.
  • The Shopping Center – The Shopping Center is the largest mall in Przemysl Old Town. Here you can find a wide variety of stores, from clothing stores to electronics shops.
  • The Shopping Street – The Shopping Street is a pedestrian-only street that is lined with shops. Here you can find everything from souvenirs to books and more.
  • The Souvenir Shops – Przemysl Old Town is home to a number of souvenir shops, where you can find traditional Polish gifts to take home with you.



Przemysl Old Town is a timeless haven of history and culture. From exploring the churches and museums to shopping in the markets and malls, there is something for everyone in this vibrant part of the city. Whether you’re looking to experience the local culture or indulge in some retail therapy, Przemysl Old Town offers a delightful mix of experiences that will enchant visitors of all interests. With its charming cobblestone streets, historic monuments, and welcoming atmosphere, it’s no wonder that Przemysl Old Town is a beloved destination in southeastern Poland.

Whether you’re strolling through the Old Town Market, admiring the architecture of the Old Town Hall, or savoring the flavors of traditional Polish cuisine, every moment spent in Przemysl Old Town is sure to be filled with wonder and discovery.

So, if you’re seeking a destination where history comes to life and culture thrives, look no further than Przemysl Old Town. Plan your visit today and immerse yourself in the timeless charm of this historic gem in southeastern Poland.

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