Introducing Teotihuacan: Mexico’s Most Spectacular Pre-Columbian City

Teotihuacan is one of the most spectacular archaeological sites in the world. Located just 40 miles northeast of Mexico City, this ancient city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to some of the most impressive pre-Columbian ruins in the Americas. From its towering pyramids to its intricate stone carvings and vibrant murals, Teotihuacan offers an unparalleled experience for visitors eager to explore its ancient wonders.

If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, you won’t want to miss Teotihuacan. Here’s what you need to know about this remarkable city and its ancient ruins.


A Brief History of Teotihuacan

The city of Teotihuacan was likely founded around 200 BCE and was once home to as many as 125,000 people. It was the largest urban center in the Americas until the Aztecs conquered it in the 15th century. The city was laid out in a grid pattern along the Avenue of the Dead, a ceremonial boulevard that stretched for two miles and served as the city’s main thoroughfare.

The city’s most impressive structures are its two main pyramids, the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of the Moon. The Pyramid of the Sun is the largest in the ancient city and is believed to have been built around 100 CE. It stands at an impressive 215 feet tall and covers an area of 845,000 square feet.

The city was abandoned in the 7th century, yet its monumental structures have endured for centuries. Over the years, Teotihuacan has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Mexico, welcoming thousands of visitors each year.


Exploring the Ruins of Teotihuacan

At Teotihuacan, visitors can explore the ruins of the city and uncover its ancient secrets. The Pyramid of the Sun is the most iconic structure in the city and offers an unforgettable view of the surrounding ruins. Visitors can also explore the Pyramid of the Moon, the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, and the Temple of the Feathered Serpent, as well as the many smaller pyramids and temples in the city.

In addition to the pyramids, visitors can explore the city’s many murals and stone carvings. The murals depict scenes from daily life in Teotihuacan, such as religious ceremonies and everyday activities. The stone carvings are equally impressive and offer fascinating insights into the city’s history and culture.


Visiting Teotihuacan

Visitors to Teotihuacan can explore the ruins on their own or with a guided tour. Guided tours are available in English and Spanish and provide an in-depth look at the city’s history, culture, and monuments.

The best time to visit Teotihuacan is in the spring or fall, when the temperatures are mild and the crowds are not too large. The ruins are open from 9 am to 5 pm, Tuesday through Sunday, and admission is free.



Teotihuacan is an archaeological wonder with an incredible history and culture. From its towering pyramids to its intricate stone carvings and vibrant murals, it offers visitors an unforgettable experience. If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, you won’t want to miss this remarkable city and its ancient ruins.

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