Mar Saba Monastery

Mar Saba Monastery

Mar Saba Monastery: An Ancient Wonder Amidst the Hills of Palestine

Nestled in the hills of Palestine, Mar Saba Monastery is an ancient wonder that has been captivating visitors from around the world for centuries. Located just east of Bethlehem, the monastery is considered to be one of the most important Christian sites in the Middle East. Founded in 483 AD by Saint Sabbas the Sanctified, the monastery is an architectural marvel that has stood the test of time and continues to attract pilgrims and travelers from all over the world.


History of Mar Saba Monastery

Mar Saba Monastery is a Greek Orthodox monastery that was founded in 483 AD by Saint Sabbas the Sanctified. The monastery was built to honor Saint Sabas, who was a prominent figure in the world of monasticism. He had a large following of disciples who followed his teachings of asceticism and self-denial. In the centuries that followed, the monastery has been home to several monastic orders, including the Monks of Mar Saba, the Monks of St. Theodosius, and the Monks of St. Basil.

The monastery is also home to several priceless artifacts, including ancient manuscripts and religious relics. Mar Saba Monastery is a popular attraction for pilgrims and tourists who come to see its unique architecture and breathtaking views. The monastery is also renowned for its hospitality and the warm welcome it offers to all visitors.


Architecture of Mar Saba Monastery

Mar Saba Monastery is renowned for its unique architecture, which has remained largely unchanged since its founding. The monastery is built on a steep cliff overlooking the Kidron Valley and the Dead Sea. The fa├žade is made of white stone blocks and the interior is decorated with beautiful mosaics. The interior features a grand hall, several chapels, and a library filled with ancient manuscripts.

The grounds of the monastery are just as impressive, featuring terraced gardens, an olive grove, and a courtyard adorned with a large fountain. Visitors can also explore the ancient caves located beneath the monastery. These caves are believed to have been used by early Christian hermits and are still used as a place of worship by the monks who live at Mar Saba Monastery.


Visiting Mar Saba Monastery

Visitors can explore the monastery and its grounds on foot. It is also possible to take a guided tour to learn more about the history and architecture of Mar Saba Monastery. The monastery is open to visitors every day from 9 am to 4 pm. It is recommended that visitors dress appropriately and adhere to the monastery’s dress code of long pants and shirts with sleeves.

The monastery is located just a few miles from the city of Bethlehem, making it an ideal day trip for those visiting the area. Visitors can also take a short drive to the nearby village of Tekoa, which is known for its beautiful views of the Judean Desert.



Mar Saba Monastery is an architectural marvel and a spiritual wonder that continues to captivate visitors from around the world. Located in the hills of Palestine, the monastery is a living testament to the legacy of Saint Sabbas the Sanctified and the generations of monastic orders that have followed in his footsteps. From its impressive architecture to its breathtaking views, Mar Saba Monastery is a must-see destination for anyone who wishes to experience the beauty and history of the Middle East.

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